02 Jul 2023

Becky Langan & Vlad – Lazy Sunday Temple Session

Hosted by Rob Barnaville | 2.00 – 5.00PM  |  £25.00 

Celebrating Fingerstyle guitarists we have two outstanding musicians from the UK and Ukraine. Fingerstyle is a technique of plucking the strings and also using the guitar as a percussive instrument .

Becky Langan

Born in Rochdale, England (1992), Becky Langan is a percussive fingerstyle guitarist who employs a combination of extended techniques that explore the outermost reaches of the acoustic guitar.

Becky was a semi-finalist on Guitar Star 2016 (Series 2) which aired on Sky Arts – a TV show which scours the UK to discover a world class guitarist. Throughout this competition, she recorded at Abbey Road Studios with producer Tony Visconti and received mentor sessions from many iconic musicians, including; Tony Iommi, George Benson, Wilko Johnson, Jon Gomm and Preston Reed.

Becky has since grown an appreciative audience from all over the world, and to this day, has generated over 7000 Facebook followers and three million views 


What I love about her playing is that she never rests in one place.  It really feels like a lot going on” – Nitin Sawhney

Vladimir Chernyshov

Vladimir Chernyshov is an Ukrainian modern fingerstyle guitarist and composer. The first single “Hellen” was released in October 2016. It’s an inspiring and melodic composition is full of romance and has conquered the hearts of music lovers all over the world. The second single “Goodbye”, more virtuosic, percussive and no less emotional, followed at the end of 2016.

April 9, 2017 Vladimir took part in a concert in memory an outstanding jazz guitarist, teacher and musician Vladimir Molotkov.

An exceptional feature is the different guitar tune in each composition, love-minor melody and the absolute devotion to the cause.





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