About Us

Mark, the co-owner of Barefoot & Bower, alongside Bronwen, is the grandson of Major Charles Ackers OBE. Mr Ackers was awarded his merit for services to woodlands and was the author of Practical British Forestry written 1938. On the same land that his Grandfather wrote about, Mark and Bronwen have diversified to develop Barefoot & Bower.

This is a family business with deep local ties. Working with artisans and craftspeople, buying second-hand, using antiques and collectibles and employing and promoting local goods are all part of the ethos.  Barefoot & Bower care about sustainability, ecology  and in treading lightly, with the ambition of leaving as small a footprint as possible.

Barefoot & Bower is off-grid thus power is used sparingly, as is water. The lighting is carefully chosen to be low and warm, so it doesn’t interfere with bats or moths. Hibernaculas are dotted around the site for reptiles and insects. You can spot dormice, bat and bird boxes if you look in the trees. The aim is to create ecological enhancements while letting the guests unwind and relax in the most natural of surroundings.

Bronwen, an interior stylist, with clients in London and the Cotswolds, has worked on many hotels, restaurants and homes. Mark has 20 years’ experience of property development, building numerous flats, houses and small business hubs. Their talents have come together at Barefoot & Bower to create a calming and luxurious retreat. Having opened its doors in 2021 the journey for Barefoot & Bower has only just begun as each year they want to make the offer more ecologically rich and interesting for guests.